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Kayesha HancelNewly-minted BCC graduate Kayesha Hancel has been accepted by The University of Michigan.

Also, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

And Cornell University, Emory University, Clark University, Smith College and Mount Holyoke College.

Though some of those schools offered the much-in-demand chemistry major a full ride, Layesha has chosen Cornell. “Even though I will owe them a small amount a year, the major at Cornell attracted me more.” Human Biology, Health and Society, Kayesha says, will expose her to “All the things I want to do and want to be as a medical profession. I want to be one of those doctors who looks into the backgrounds of their patients — their economic status, their ability to access health care, other things that might be affecting their health.”

Going from the busy Bronx to upstate New York won’t be a major adjustment for Kayesha. “I grew up in a rural area in Jamaica. so moving to a rural area is not a big deal.”After Cornell and medical school, Dr. Hancel will return to New York armed with “all the things I will be learning about helping the health of minorities. Whatever influence I can have in that area I am definitely interested in.”

Even during the current lockdown, Kayesha has remained active in the life of BCC, “I have been able to work from home as a chemistry and biology tutor. That takes my mind off all the bad things that are happening right now.

“BCC opened up my eyes to my potential. It took me out of my comfort zone a lot, like going all the way to India with other students. I have never travelled that far in my life, so it helped to build confidence.” A Kaplan scholar, Kayesha says “the Kaplan Foundation has played a significant role in the process of me being accepted and going to this prestigious university.

“My experience at BCC has been life changing.”

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