The Hall of Fame for Great Americans

The past comes face to face with the future every day at Bronx Community College. As thousands of Bronx Community College, students learn and study with the Hall of Fame for Great Americans close at hand, they are easily reminded that greatness is well within their reach.

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans in the United States first hall of fame. It is a national treasure that is a constant reminder that America’s strength is derived from the vitality, creativity, and intellect of its people, This historic and democratic institution celebrates not only the exploits of Tiers and soldiers, out honors of scientists, educators, humanitarians, and artists, Honorees range from Alexander Graham Bell and George Washington Carver to Susan B. Anthony and Abraham Lincoln.

Since the early 1900s, there have been 98 bronze busts installed to recognize some of the most respected American achievers Initially, Stanford White, the most respected and known architect of the last century, designed spaces for 102 busts, All 102 places were to be Allied with elected Americans. four busts were never commissioned for lack of funds. The tour elected but never installed were: industrial Andrew Carnegie, Chief Justice Lois Brandeis, botanist Luther Burbank, and humanitarian Clara Barton, Subsequent, the busts of two Southern Generals were removed.

While we are closed, please refer to our Hall of Fame Brochure below
to view the busts and their biographies. Also read the story behind the New York University campus designed by Stanford White, located on the campus of Bronx Community College.

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The BCC Archives Hall of Fame Collection seeks documents, artifacts and personal stories related to efforts to elect Great Americans.Great Americans were nominated through a grassroots, democratic process. Citizens rallied support and raised money through letter writing, fundraising events, and bake sales to secure their nominees’ election to the Hall of Fame.

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