The online Hall of Fame Art Gallery is pleased to present the extraordinary work of students enrolled in BCC’s Digital Design and Studio Art Programs.

This virtual exhibition is a visual testimony of students’ and faculty’s passion and dedication. Visitors can expect to see original works of art presented in traditional and digital media. Here at the Art & Music Department, students can explore a variety of media given scaffolding and creative assignments. Faculty often inform students of current design trends together with a deep understanding of art and design history. Moreover, students learn essential techniques of their field of profession enlaced with personal and theoretical approaches.

Art 10 – Florence (Tami) Tanaka – Art Survey

Art 15 – Stephanie Beck – Design Basics

Art 21 – Patricia Cazorla – Drawing

Art 21 – Alison Collins – Drawing

Art 32 – Mary Jo Ben-Nun – Printmaking

Art 41- Florence (Tami) Tanaka- Ceramics

Art 42 – Florence (Tami) Tanaka – Wheel Throwing

Art 72 – Yeny Ferreras Raposo – Digital Photography

Art 79- Christian Santiago – Typographic Design

Art 81- Lisa Amowitz – Typography and Layout

Art 82- Mary Jo Ben-Nun – Illustration

Art 84 – Patricia Cazorla- Digital Imaging

Art 84 – Aaron Porter – Digital Imaging

Art 86 – Maida Landau- Digital Illustration

Art 86 – Aaron Porter – Digital Illustration

Art 87 – Patricia Cazorla – User Interface Design

Art 88 – Claudia Jacques – Web Interactivity

Art 90 – Maida Landau – Graphic Design Project

Art 91 – Lisa Amowitz – Design Portfolio

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