Program Description

Accountants are indispensable in modern business organizations. Their basic responsibilities include the recording and summarizing of financial transactions. Accountants are called upon to analyze, interpret and prepare business records. They are often asked to make recommendations for more efficient operations. Accounting graduates may enter the field in such positions as bookkeepers, cost accounting clerks, junior accountants and tax examiners for government agencies. After further study, graduates may continue their education to acquire the baccalaureate degree and become business managers, budget directors, private accountants or controllers. With further appropriate education and experience, graduates may qualify for certification as Certified Public Accountants or as teachers of accounting and related subjects. A Cooperative Work Experience course during their senior year allows students to gain valuable business experience in a supervised setting. Students are advised that there is an AS degree offered in the same discipline. The accounting program articulates with SUNY Empire State College, Business, Management and Economics and Interdisciplinary Studies baccalaureate programs (see the Transfer Planning website for more details).

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the Accounting program requirements, students will be able to:

  1. Discuss general knowledge of topics such as accounting, marketing, business ethics, forms of business entities and global business as they relate to the business environment.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to successfully engage in business research, information gathering and reporting in an individual and/or group setting.
  3. Prepare and analyze financial statements for internal and external decision-making.
  4. Demonstrate accounting skills on an intermediate level.
  5. Utilize and incorporate basic business technology to produce business documents, spreadsheets and databases.
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in performing basic mathematical calculations required in a business setting.

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Curriculum Coordinator: Professor Paul Jaijairam

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