Anti Bullying Week at BCC

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make a noise about bullyingIn recognition of Anti-Bullying Week, here are five identified areas of impact where you can participate:

1.       Raise Awareness: Use social media to promote awareness of the week and call attention to the issue.Relevant hashtags during Anti-bullying week:

  • #AntiBullyingWeek
  • #ChooseKindness
  • #StopBullying
  • #BullyingPrevention
  • #BeKind
  • #InclusionMatters
  • #StandUpToBullying


2. Wear Pink: During anti-bullying week, Pink Shirt Day encourages people to wear pink to demonstrate their support. The pink shirt symbolizes the first anti-bully movement in Canada, where students wore pink to support their classmates.Video about Pink Shirt Day


3. Support Victims


4. Anti-Bullying Activities: Work to organize and plan anti-bullying awareness activities. Attend and participate in workshops, discussions, and projects.Anti-Bullying Week 2023: Make A Noise – Social Media Stakeholder Event:


5. Speak Out: Work to encourage people experiencing bullying to speak out at school, at work, or at home.VIDEO: Anti-Bullying – PSC CUNY (

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