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Automotive Technology Department

Automotive Technology
( A.A.S. Degree )
Curriculum Coordinator: Clement Drummond

The Automotive Technology curriculum, the only one of its kind in the City University of New York, prepares the student for a career as an automotive technician. This curriculum develops understanding of operational principles, service sequences and diagnostic techniques for the automobile. Upon completion of this curriculum, the graduate is prepared for entry-level positions in various areas of the automotive industry dealing with development, testing, diagnosis and service of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and thermodynamic automotive systems.

Automotive Technology graduates are employed in a variety of automotive-oriented positions including test technician, diagnostician, equipment sales and service, independent business administrator, dealership service manager, service writer, engine machinist, fuel injection, automatic transmission and engine management specialist, as well as general service technician. Further training and education can lead to careers in technical education, engineering, insurance appraisal, and accident investigation, and other specialties.

Automotive Technology Curriculum
60 Credits required for A.A.S. Degree

Core Requirements Credits
ENG 101 Fundamentals of Composition and Rhetoric OR
ENG 11 Composition and Rhetoric I 3
CMS 11 Fund. of Interpersonal Communication 3
HIS 10 History of the Modern World OR
HIS 112 Intro. to the Modern World 3
MTH 13 Trigonometry & College Algebra 3
PEA Physical Education activity course OR
WFA 10 Workplace First Aid Training 1
CHM 11 General Chemistry I OR
CHM 17 Fundamentals of General Chemistry I 4
    Total 17
Required Areas of Study Credits
ART 10 Art Survey OR
MUS 10 Music Survey 1
PHY 21 Physics for Engineering Technology I 4
ELC 15 Computer Applications in Technology 2
Humanities electives3 6
    Total 13
Specialization Requirements Credits
ACS 104 Introduction to Automotive Technology 1
ACS 11 Engine Repair 4
ACS 12 Brake Systems 3
ACS 13 Engine Performance 3
ACS 14 Manual Drive Train and Axles 3
ACS 21 Steering and Suspension Systems 3
ACS 22 Automatic Transmission and Transaxle 4
ACS 23 Heating and Air-Conditioning 3
ACS 24 Electrical Systems 3
ACS 35 Alternate Fuel Technology OR
ACS 45 Diesel Technology 3
    Total 30
Note: At least two courses must be taken from a list designated as “Writing Intensive” as published each semester in the Registration Guide and Schedule of Classes.
  1. ENG 10 is designed for students who have a combined score of 48-55 on the CUNY test in writing and as passing score on the CUNY Assessment Test in reading.
  2. HIS 11 is designed for students on the ENG 01/02/09 and/or RDL 01/02 level.
  3. Select from Art, Communication, English, History, Music, Modern Languages, Social Sciences (one selection must be from English).
  4. Corequisites for ACS 10 are ENG 02, RDL 02, MTH 05, if required.
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