BCC Enhances First-Year Experience through ‘Pillars for Student Success’ Framework

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First Year ProgramBronx Community College has launched a new “Pillars for Student Success” framework, providing first-year students with an essential toolkit for navigating college and excelling in their studies. The four pillars. which will enable students to build a robust foundation for their career at BCC and beyond, are Academic Success, Financial Literacy, Career and Transfer Readiness and Mindset for Success.

Several new online resources, including the BCC New Student Resource Webpage; First Year Program YouTube Channel, and The Bronco Experience Hub provide valuable information for students. Everything students need to navigate BCC life can be found on these pages.   

“The aim this year is to provide a more organized first year experience for our students, with everything all in one place – from financial information to info on academic planning, career paths and student supports,” said Tica Frazer, Associate Director, First Year Program. “Our first-year program staff members are super engaged, grateful and passionate about working with students. They think through the lens of what our students need.”   

BCC’s First Year Program includes First Year Seminar (FYS), First Year Advising, a Certified Peer Mentoring Program and Faculty Development Initiative, as well as our First Year Connection college-wide organization. Frazer says that 90 percent of the FYS classes are being offered in person on campus. “Of students surveyed, 97% felt that participation in FYS has enabled them to gain a better sense of how to be successful in college. Skill building is centered around teaching critical thinking, which is at the core of making rational decisions and sets the foundation for future years at BCC,” she said.  

First-year programs also emphasize the concept of Growth Mindset. Students gain the tools for putting in effort, acquiring strategies and enlisting help from others. 

Through the FYS 14-week class, students:  

  • Improve academic, career skills, and critical thinking 
  • Explore, develop, and clarify their academic and career goals 
  • Learn about student support resources  
  • Find, connect and build on their student life experience  


Revamped efforts to onboard first year students have been made possible by a Title V HSI Grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education entitled ¡Avanzando! First Year Success.  

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