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The Early Childhood Center (ECC) of Bronx Community College has been awarded a five-year grant of $4,720,655 by the New York City Department of Education. A substantial portion of the funding will go toward implementing a new Infant-Toddler program, as well as expanding child care through 3-K and Pre-K for All. The grant will serve the ECC’s broader vision to meet all the needs of BCC student-parents with children from the age of six weeks through preschool.

“This is an amazing development for students who have given birth and were previously unable to return to college due to the lack of affordable and reliable care for their infant.” says ECC Director Jitinder Walia.

Within the year, there will be a room specifically devoted to those very youngest of ECC children. The grant will cover an expanded staff, classroom needs, staff training in social-emotional development and an age-appropriate curriculum.

“The Early Childhood Center is a key element of our goal of eliminating all obstacles for parents who seek a college education,” says BCC President Thomas A. Isekenegbe. “This grant is a much-appreciated demonstration of the Department of Education’s faith in our accredited and widely admired on-campus preschool.”

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