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NSF logoThe National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Professor Neal Phillip, Chairman of the Department of Chemistry, Earth Science and Environment Science and his colleague Paramita Sen, a lecturer in the Department with a $300,000 grant

The grant money will cover the cost of sending 33 BCC students to research air pollution and climate change in Mumbai and New Delhi, for four weeks every January between 2023 – 2025.

In addition, the grant funds a conference in the United States on climate change, all related travel costs for students and PIs, as well as the cost of research tools to measure air pollution.

This is the first research grant to BCC with a study abroad component.

The research activities will include installing solar powered automatic weather stations in Mumbai and the use of novel air pollution sensor platforms to understand the pollution dynamics during the dry Indian Monsoon.

The prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Delhi campuses are collaborators on the grant.

Dr. Brian Vant-Hull, a research scientist at City College is also one of the co-PIs.

Dr. Phillip noted that it is difficult for community colleges to get research grants as it is a highly competitive process.

The BCC community applauds him and his team for this achievement.

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