Blackstone LaunchPad Challenge

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Blackstone LaunchPad, ASAP, First Year Program (FYP) and the Office of Career Development partnered to present a Workplace Challenge. Students came up with ways to ensure that the company culture of The Fonseca Group remains consistent and inclusive for all employees, as they continue to grow and expand their operations across multiple locations.

Once students received the challenge, they were split into teams with 90 minutes to come up with a pitch. Students defined company culture, shared why it is important, and gave the company ideas on changes they could implement. After pitching their ideas, they received feedback from the judges and a winner was announced. Joshua Rivera won the Workplace Challenge.

blackstone challengeParticipants stated that the event ‘slayed’ and described it as motivational, fulfilling and inspiring. A participant even shared with the staff that participating in the challenge has motivated her to become more engaged in her studies, as she was having second thoughts about continuing her educational journey.

The Workplace Challenge provided students with the opportunity to develop important skills such as accountability, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, leadership and time management. The challenge was a unique opportunity for participants to think about what an inclusive company culture looks like, in hopes of inspiring them to learn more about the importance of company culture as they apply for jobs.

Blackstone LaunchPad, ASAP, FYP and the Office of Career Development will host another Workplace Challenge in the Fall to offer another opportunity for you to come together as a community and work towards solving problems companies have identified.


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