Brother-Sister Duo Tackles BCC and Life Together, Sharing Messages of Love and Support on National Siblings Day

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Nicolas and Krishta FernandezOne of the interesting things that happens when you grow older is that you get to choose who you want to be around. For Nicolas and Krishta Fernandez, they choose each other, and it just so happens they are siblings. The duo is on a mission to improve their lives, encouraging each other as they pursue degrees at Bronx Community College (BCC).

Growing up in the Washington Heights area of the Bronx, Nicolas was the oldest of five and served as the protector for not only Krishta, but all of their siblings. (Mom was widowed at a young age, and one of their siblings passed away a few years ago.)

Now, in a role reversal of sorts, the two of them sit on the leadership of BCC’s Student Government Association (SGA), where Krishta is the president and Nicolas is a senator.  “It definitely felt weird at first to call her Ms. President,” Nicolas said. “But I am so proud of how she runs the organization.”

Krishta is studying to be a media entertainment lawyer, and Nicolas, a Business Administration major with a focus on Computer Software, is driven to become the owner of a world-renowned successful financial firm. He has already begun his own company, having developed an app that measures productivity.

For Krishta, her decision to pursue her Paralegal Studies degree at BCC came when her first child was just a year old, and she was pregnant with her second. “Nicolas turned to me and asked, ‘What is your dream?’ I didn’t have one,” she said. It was at that point she knew she had to do something about it.

Nicolas has sat quietly and wisely by his sister as she has blossomed at BCC. Both have contributed significantly to the College, and, in turn, have benefited from the lifelong skills they’re developing. “I’ve learned so much about delegating and asking for help,” Krishta said. Nicolas said he has learned effective communication and how to collaborate with people holding different perspectives and views.

Krishta will miss Nicolas when he graduates this spring, but for now they are both enjoying a little bit of “home” each day on campus. They both agree how nice it is to have someone around you who supports and understands you.

“Nicolas is always looking out for my self care,” adds Krishta, who is constantly juggling parenting, schoolwork and her campus leadership responsibilities. “He even will ask me, ‘Did you get your manicure today?”

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