Council Member Fernando Cabrera provides $575,000 in Capital funding for Bronx Community College’s New Food Pantry​

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Who: Council member Fernando Cabrera combats food insecurity at Bronx Community College
What: NYC Council member Fernando Cabrera will continue to make a difference in the lives of those struggling with access to healthy and affordable food. Getting involved with local organizations that work to identify and combat food insecurity will help to improve the well-being of your educational community.
When:  Friday, June 11, 2021, 11-11:30 AM
Where:  Bronx Community College Community Hall
“It is my honor to provide this much needed funding to this Institution of Learning.  I applaud Bronx Community College and its Leadership for going a step above and beyond in combatting food insecurity. If you feed only one person, you are everything to that person.” Council Member Fernando Cabrera
“I want to thank and commend Council member Fernando Cabrera for providing $575,000 in Capital funding for Bronx Community College’s new food pantry. The funding provided by the Councilman is matched by the State of New York providing over One Million dollars for this vital Capital project. Our food pantry is open to all CUNY students, their families, and provides vital support in our efforts to combat food insecurity in the Bronx and throughout our City. With this funding we will expand our services and be able to provide for over 2,000 individuals per month. Again, I want to thank the Councilman for his leadership in the Bronx and his commitment to our College Community.”  Thomas A. Isekenegbe, President BCC
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Council Member Fernando Cabrera is Available for Interviews

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