Earn College Credit at BCC

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Bronx Community College is partnering with Inwood Early College for Health and Information Technologies High School to provide Inwood students an opportunity to earn college credit toward one of two STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) degrees as part of their high school experience. Monday, March 12, was the festive Orientation Day, which began with a welcome for the first class of participating students and their parents in Nichols Hall on the BCC campus. “You are joining the Bronx Community College family,” BCC President Thomas A. Isekenegbe told the gathering of eager high schoolers, “and we are so excited to have all of you here.” The day continued with a tour of the campus the students will now call their second academic home and lunch. Speakers at the event also included Dr. Samona Joe Tait, Founding Principal of Inwood Early College High, and Guttman Community College President Scott Evenbeck. Guttman is Inwood’s founding college partner and will continue to offer students in the first graduating class with the chance to earn a degree.

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