Compassion at BCC

  Update   •

On October 18th, the BCC community came together at Roscoe Brown for an event titled, “Compassion at BCC: Conversations & Resources”. The event also was shown virtually for those who were unable to attend in person.  

Goals of the Compassion Event 

  1. Create space to have respectful conversations  
  2. Disseminate college resources to assist with learning more about the Israel-Hamas war and discerning misinformation/information; feeling safe; processing trauma, and academic freedom   
  3. Break out into small group discussions on creating respectful spaces, sharing what was learned through the event and exploring remaining questions   

The overall tone was one of unity and gratitude for BCC as one family. In introducing the event, Interim President Milton Santiago said, “This is a moment for us to pull together, to support each other and seek common ground. That does not mean we need to agree with each other about divisive issues. But we must have empathy for each other and strive to build understanding.”  


Other Events  

  • Tues October 24: Antisemitism and Representation, Countering Stereotypes (Center for Jewish History)  
  • Wed November 1: Islamophobia and Representation, Civic Engagement (Muslim Community Network)  

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