The Instructional Technology Assistant (ITA) program provides our students and graduates with an opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience as educational technologists. Our ITA’s are trained to use of various types of hardware and software. After completing the training, our ITA’s are assigned to work with faculty and students. ITA’s are echnology assistants. They perform tasks that help faculty and students learn how to use technology.  Currently enrolled ITA’s candidates must have a 3.0 GPA. You may be recommended for the program by a faculty member or apply on your own, though all candidates must provide a faculty reference. The maximum workload is 19 hours per week. ITA tasks include:

  • Providing assistance to students with the use of Blackboard;
  • Helping students and faculty produce documents with a word processor, presentation software like PowerPoint, or other software as appropriate to the class;
  • Assisting faculty in the use and maintenance of instructional software (including Blackboard) and technology-enhanced tools and resources, such as digital projectors, mobile digital media carts, and audience response systems (“clickers”), Smartboards, etc.;
  • Assisting both students and faculty in the use of hardware and software in computer laboratory facilities;
  • Helping students with information literacy skills such as effective web searches and use of online databases;
  • Helping faculty manage courses in Blackboard; e.g., uploading files and incorporating images;
  • Participating in online class activities such as Discussion Boards and blogs;
  • Providing extra tutoring help (face-to-face or online) in course content for students

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