Dr. Barbara Flores Caballero Represents BCC Faculty at Meeting in Buenos Aires

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Dr. Barbara Flores-CaballeroDr. Barbara Flores Caballero, Assistant Professor in the Education and Academic Literacy Department at BCC, had the honor of representing the Latino faculty of BCC as a Hispanic Serving Institution, in Buenos Aires, Argentina from October 25 to 27, 2022. Dr. Flores Caballero had the opportunity to participate in the First Global Mentoring Congress as a panelist in the area of education with professors from London, Colombia and other parts of the world. She was also a speaker on the topic of “Leadership with Emotional Intelligence.”

During the presentation, Dr. Flores Caballero incorporated hands-on exercises for participants to put theory into practice from a conscious perspective. She stated that “it was a very dynamic and engaging event.”

Dr. Flores Caballero had the opportunity to meet great leaders and exceptional mentors from different parts of the world, such as Paris, Peru, Portugal, Venezuela, Londres, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, etc. She is very proud to have been the only Puerto Rican speaker among the panelists. This memorable experience showcased diversity, inclusion and equity in action. Dr. Flores Caballero was recognized as a Mentor Speaker at the Congress.

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