Dr. Lester Edgardo Sandres Rápalo Delivers Keynote Speech at The Universidad Catlica Nordestana

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UNIVERSIDAD CATLICA NORDESTANAOn Saturday, October 1, The Universidad Catlica Nordestana (UCNE), celebrated the Eighty-Second Ordinary Graduation, where a total of 443 new professionals received their degrees.

The graduation ceremony took place in the Northeast Regional Theater Hall, Los Arroyos campus.

The ceremony was headed by the Rector of the Institution, Dr. Isaac García de la Cruz; the Grand Chancellor of the institution and bishop of the diocese of San Francisco de Macorís, Monsignor Ramón Alfredo de la Cruz Baldera and members of the Board of Directors.

In addition, the vice presidents of the institutions, deans and directors of schools, as well as representatives of different universities in the country and abroad also attended.

Dr. Lester Edgardo Sandres Rápalo, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Bronx Community College of The City University of New York, delivered the keynote speech at the graduation ceremony.

He summarized his recommendations to new graduates, including:

  • When you get your first job, do that job to the best of your ability and avoid getting involved in politics.
  • Be on time and if you are interviewing for a job, don’t just be on time, be early and organized.
  • Do your research and go into all situations prepared.
  • Know your audience and how to reach them whether it is through direct outreach or social media.
  • Find a mentor.

He concluded: “Although we think of today as the culmination of your achievements at the Universidad Católica Nordestana, the word “graduation” refers to a beginning, a beginning full of hope. I hope that some of these life tips will resonate with you and serve you in years to come. Today is only the beginning of what will be a successful career.”

BCC is proud of Lester’s contributions to The Universidad Catlica Nordestana (UCNE) graduation ceremony.

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