To the College Community,

I am happy to report that the College will reopen on Monday, November 8th.  BCC’s boiler is up and running and heat is beginning to be operational in the buildings and will continue to run over the weekend.  All students and faculty scheduled for in-person classes should report for their classes as usual.    Should temperatures not reach optimum comfort, space heaters will be deployed to individual classrooms.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

All staff should resume their normal schedule for staffing individual offices.   At this writing it is anticipated that Roscoe Brown will be off-line, and those employees will continue with remote work.  Further information will be forthcoming.

Again, I thank all the Physical Plant Services team of engineers and CUNY engineers who worked tirelessly with the outside contractors to get the heat operational.  My thanks to the faculty who quickly pivoted back to the virtual format.  I thank the entire campus community for their patience and understanding during this challenging time of conversion to the heating system.  I look forward to the installation of the new boiler and easier seasonal transitions.

Thomas A. Isekenegbe, Ph.D.


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