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Akkaraju, Shylaja

ShylajaDr. Shylaja Akkaraju is a Professor of Biology at Bronx Community College. She specializes in pedagogy with a focus on threshold concept, cognitive load, growth mindset, and mastery learning theories as they apply to students learning biology. She was a contributing author of a major Human Anatomy & Physiology textbook, published by McGraw Hill publishers in 2008. Her work appears in the Journal of Effective Teaching, the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, The Double Helix, and Assess@CUNY. She has served as an assessment fellow for BCC since 2010. Dr. Akkaraju has also co-run a year-long faculty development workshop for new faculty in which she stresses the importance of assessment for student-centered learning at the classroom level. Currently she is working on two projects: examining the role of online oral exams as benchmark and summative assessments and the importance of low stakes writing in empowering learners to adopt healthy food habits.

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