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Brenner, Laurence

Dr. Laurence Brenner teaches film, television, media, public speaking, and interpersonal communication. His research specialization is in educational theatre with a focus on how role-playing games can be used to achieve classroom objectives. Brenner’s screenplay Bethlehem was sold to Universal in 2011. He has also written Labyrinth for Walt Disney Pictures and Angelology for SONY/Columbia Pictures. Professor Brenner is the deputy chair of the Communication Arts and Sciences department and serves as Curriculum Coordinator for the Liberal Arts: Media Studies Option. He also serves as a Senator and the Parliamentarian for the Bronx Community College Senate and Faculty Council. His research and teaching interests are Film, Theatre, Television, Games, Screenwriting, Playwriting, and Communications. Professor Brenner holds a Ph.D. in Educational Theatre for Colleges and Communities from New York University, and a M.F.A. in Creative Writing (Playwriting) from Spalding University.

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