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Faradj, Hisseine

Associate Professor Hisseine Faradj is a comparative political theorist and has been teaching Political Science and Sociology in the Social Sciences Department since 2010. He is a CUNY graduate with a PhD. in Political Science from the Graduate Center. He is also the Faculty Advisor of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) since 2014. His research interests focus on the intersection between religion, politics, sovereignty, and the state from a comparative perspective.

The following are some of his publications:

Hisseine Faradj, “The Crisis of American Democracy,” Middle East Monitor (February 2021).

Hisseine Faradj, “Qutb’s Hakimiyyah Through the Lens of Arendtian Authority,” Middle East Studies (January 2021).

Yasmin Edwards and Hisseine Faradj, “To Blend Or Not To Blend: A Case Study Of Online Learning In General Biology,” HETS Online Journal (May 2019).


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