Faculty and Staff Convocation

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Bronx Community College President Dr. Thomas A. Isekenegbe

President Dr. Thomas A. Isekenegbe

The Faculty and Staff Convocation was held on Friday, January 27 in Gould Memorial Library.

Bronx Community College President Dr. Thomas A. Isekenegbe opened the meeting and welcomed the faculty and staff including the new members of the College community.

Dr. Isekenegbe said, “As we look back over this past year, we take pride in all we have accomplished. We embraced new technology and became a stronger, more resilient community. I want to thank our faculty and staff for making this possible.”

He then announced that Dr. Milton Santiago has come out of retirement to serve as Interim VP for Administration and Finance. Dr. Santiago promised that his office will be one of collaboration and transparency.

Roni Ben-Nun, Chairperson of the College Senate, spoke about the challenges BCC faced during the pandemic. He said, “We need to find common ground. We must work together, take a new attitude and engage with one another.”

Dr. Milton Santiago

Dr. Milton Santiago

Standing in for the provost was Dr. Luis Montenegro, Dean for Academic Affairs. He was joined by Dr. Alexander Ott, Associate Dean for Curriculum Matters, Tica Frazer from the First Year Program, and Dr. Raymond Galinski, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment. Among the topics covered by these individuals were strategic planning, college assessment, accreditation and the First Year Program.

Dr. Bernard Gantt, VP for Enrollment Management, reported that there was a 55.2% growth in the freshman class and a 53.7% increase in transfer students.

Gina Ugarte, Executive Director of Finance and Business presented an overview of the College’s finances.

Dr. Irene Delgado, VP for Student Success, addressed the issue of COVID compliance with CUNY for all students. She also spoke about the success of CUNY Cares which provides funding to students adversely impacted by COVID-19.

In conclusion, President Isekenegbe announced that he will be stepping down at the end of the summer. He thanked the faculty and staff for their support during his tenure. “During my time as President, I have worked with talented, dedicated professionals who only wanted the best for our students,” he said. He received a standing ovation from the audience in recognition of his work at BCC.

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