Faculty Day

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On April 28, BCC celebrated the 10th Annual Faculty Day, an opportunity for faculty, staff and students from all departments to come together to share research, creative works and pedagogical best practices to build cooperation at BCC.

Dr. Nelson Flores

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nelson Flores (UPenn), a scholar of the intersection of race and language in education.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Nelson Flores, a University of Pennsylvania scholar of the intersection of race and language in education. His address discussed ways in which BCC can better acknowledge the existing skills of multilingual students and help them to leverage those skills in the classroom.

The guiding theme for this year’s Faculty Day was “How does your work impact, intersect or address communities in BCC and beyond?”

While this theme is articulated in the singular, perhaps it is more useful to think of our research and scholarship in terms of multiple publics. Scholarship in pedagogy and other student-centered research clearly contributes to the good of our students, their families and their communities. This contribution is amplified by BCC’s role as an access-oriented institution.

But discipline-specific and creative work can make no less valuable a positive impact on multiple publics: historians, cultural critics, media scholars, or scientists contribute to the good of the communities that they address or analyze. Theater makers, poets, and visual artists likewise address, respond to, and even advocate for change in their various publics.

The BCC Faculty Day invited faculty to share work that contributes in any way to one or more audiences, an interchange which they hope will help to reinforce the bridges among these publics in and beyond BCC.

Faculty Day was organized by the Committee on Instruction and Professional Development with the support of the Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology.

The organizers of the event included the following:

  • Charmaine Aleong (Health, Physical Ed & Rec.)
  • Lisa Amowitz (Art and Music)
  • Elana Diaz (student)
  • Edimarlyn Gonzalez (Biological Sciences)
  • Yarisa Colon  (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Wedsly Guerrier  (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Carlos Rivera  (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Valencia McPherson-White (Nursing/Allied Health Sciences)
  • Mirabel Bell-Gam (Biological Sciences)
  • Harrison Carranza (Engineering, Physics & Tech)
  • Patricia Sifuentes Cazorla (Art and Music)
  • Karen David (Social Sciences)
  • Tiquana Gatlin (Health, Physical Ed & Rec)
  • Abu Kamruzzaman (Engineering, Physics & Tech)
  • Alex Sodeman (Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Environmental Sciences)
  • Hassimiou Wann (College Discovery)
  • James Webb (Communication Arts and Sciences)
  • Oilda Martinez
  • Raquel Otheguy (History)
  • Monique Guishard (Social Sciences)
  • Seth Offenbach (History)
  • James Kenney (English)
  • William Calathes (Social Sciences)
  • Andrea Parmegiani (English)
  • Jacqueline Jimenez Polanco (Social Sciences)
  • Nelson Reynoso (Social Sciences)
  • Nelson Santana (Library)
  • Salavador Salazar (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Robert Wechsler (History)
  • William deJong-Lambert (History)
  • Grisel Acosta (English)
  • Devin T. Molina (Social Sciences)
  • Andrea Ortuño (Art and Music)
  • Cheyenne Seymour (Communication Arts and Sciences)
  • Vivian Rodriguez (Nursing/Allied Health Sciences)
  • John Ziegler (English)

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