Five Bronx Community College Students Selected for Prestigious Deloitte Discovery Internship Program

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This year marks the first time that Deloitte opened its Discovery Internship Program to community college students. Ariz Carpinteyro, Charles Daniel, Massao Diarrassouba, Yelissa Dominigez and Gabriela Vieyra have all been accepted for a paid internship from Deloitte beginning June 13 through July 29. The students are accounting majors at BCC with a GPA of 3.3 or higher who will graduate this year and extend their studies in accounting at Baruch. They all chose BCC because of its convenience, affordability, and reputation of excellence in Business Administration.

The internship program includes personalized mentorships, professional training and continuous learning and networking opportunities through Deloitte University that the students will attend. The Discovery Internships will also enable the students to be part of the NextGen Leaders program, which offers scholarships from Deloitte to four-year institutions.

BCC President Dr. Thomas A. Isekenegbe noted: “This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to learn from the best in the accounting industry. We congratulate Ariz, Charles, Massao, Yelissa, and Gabriela on being among the first community college students to have internships with Deloitte.”

Professor Howard Clampman, Chairperson of the Business Systems Information Department, along with Professor Paul Jaijairam, Deputy Chairperson of the Department, and the Office of Career Development guided the students through the application process which included commitment to enroll at a four-year school, creation of a professional resume and preparation for a 30-minute online interview with two Senior Executives at Deloitte. The interviews included a review of their resume, along with questions about how they would handle situations in the workplace, their proficiency with technology as well as their knowledge of Deloitte.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to be selected by one of the top four accounting firms in the world. The fact that five BCC students were chosen for this program speaks volumes about the academic excellence of the programs offered by the Business and Information Systems Department. The networking opportunities are endless. The internship can also provide employment assistance after these students receive their Bachelor’s degree,” said Professor Clampman.

Professor Jaijairam added that “this is what makes me continue to be proud to teach at BCC.  Our students are second to none.  They are very talented, respectful, motivated, and highly knowledgeable.  I am very confident that they will excel at Deloitte.”

The students selected for the internship have shown tremendous perseverance in achieving this goal.

Charles Daniel

Charles Daniel

Charles Daniel was raised by a single mother in a household where money was scarce. He believes this internship shows that all his hard work has paid off. He is in the Honor Society and on the Dean’s List.

He said: “Passion is fleeting. Eventually you have to commit. My commitment to my studies and the guidance I received from my professors has enabled me to achieve my goals.”


Ariz Carpinteyro

Ariz Carpinteyro

Ariz Carpinteyro is a first generation Mexican American and the first in his family to attend college. He hopes that the Deloitte program will open doors for him after he graduates from Baruch. “In the words of Isaac Newton ‘I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,’ I am grateful for all the giants who have taught and guided me at BCC,” said Ariz.

Yelissa Domingez looks forward to networking with experienced accountants and her peers. She said: “I am honored to represent BCC and will draw on my experiences through this internship to expand my professional network and learn from the best.”

Massao Diarrassouba

Massao Diarrassouba

Massao Diarrassouba hopes that everything she learned at BCC will be transferred to the corporate environment at Deloitte. “I have always admired the work of Deloitte. As an accounting major, having a summer internship with them is a chance to broaden my network and receive mentoring from the best in the business. I look forward to a productive summer,” she said.



Gabriela Vieyra

Gabriela Vieyra

Gabriela Vieyra notes that attending BCC was the best decision she ever made. “I look forward to working with other interns and the staff at Deloitte. To be selected as an intern at one of the world’s largest accounting firms is a wonderful opportunity and I will avail myself of all it has to offer.” she said.




BCC extends its thanks to Deloitte for providing its students with this opportunity.

For further information: Professor Howard Clampman


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