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Do you have a card to use the amazing resource of the New York Public Library? If not, you can get one on Thursday, February 10, from noon to 2:00 p.m. on the second floor of North Hall and Library.

With some 53 million items and 92 locations, the NYPL is the second largest public library in the United States (after the Library of Congress). With your free NYPL library card, you can:

Borrow an E-Book
SimplyE allows you to browse 300,000+ titles, from bestsellers to classics (not to mention books on paper)!

Learn a Language
Mango Languages offers step-by-step lessons rooted in real-life conversations to help you learn more than 70 languages.

Read a Newspaper
PressReader provides current newspapers in full-color, full-page format and includes U.S. and international titles.

Gain a Career Skill
Lynda serves up thousands of courses taught by experts in fields such as web development, education, media production, and business.

Flip Through a Magazine
Flipster is your source for the most popular magazines, including Bon Appétit, Sports Illustrated, Time, and People.

Don’t get that feeling of missing out. Get your library card to the treasure trove of knowledge that is the New York Public Library.

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