Growth Mindset Showcase

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Growth Mindset

Bronx Community College will host an all-day online Growth Mindset Showcase. The “growth mindset” is rooted in the idea that intelligence is not fixed at birth but instead grows with practice, effort and experience. This showcase is the latest in a series of growth mindset events funded by a BCC S-STEM grant from the National Science Foundation for “Developing a Growth Mindset Model to Build Resiliency in Underrepresented STEM Students.”

Dr. Miguel Powers, a leader authority on the growth mindset, will be the keynote speaker. He will lead a workshop featuring research-based, concrete practices for improving student learning, increasing student success and addressing equity gaps. The day will include panels on “Mindsets for Faculty Growth,” “Student Reflections on Growth Mindset and “Growth Mindset, Inclusion and Diversity.”

Further information about the showcase can be found at To join the Zoom meeting, go to: eURsWkJ5VEJnQT09

Meeting ID: 867 1653 5569

Passcode: 701432

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