Kids’ Comic Con at BCC

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On Saturday, September 17, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Kids’ Comic Con Sci-Fest: A Science Fact and Fiction Extravaganza will be held at BCC.

The focus of the event is on the science and technology behind superheroes and sci-fi.

Want to learn what keeps your favorite heroes up and helps them bring their arch foes down?

Explore red suns, gamma rays and super ways to save the day.

Discover the sci-fi fact “Why?” behind the sci-fi “Wow!”

Attendees will find:

  • Comics to get
  • Artists to meet
  • Workshops to take
  • Demos to watch
  • Exhibits to see
  • Costumed heroes for selfies

BCC Professor Gene Adams has over 35 years of corporate, non-profit and education leadership experience. He is the co-creator of the Kid’s Comic Con (KCC) at BCC.

Gene has endeavored to establish academic pathways with local schools that connect comic book art and literacy to disciplines across the learning disciplines. In addition to helping to implement the KCC at BCC, Gene coordinated KCC in Senegal, West Africa and the Color of Comics exhibition.

His basic philosophy embraces the belief that children are our only real gift to the universe and that they must be respected and cultivated. At present Gene is the Director of Collaborative Education Programs at BCC. Mr. Adams specializes in developing and strengthening local and global educational partnerships with schools, community partners, and industry. He considers himself a ‘Possibility Broker’ who brings diverse perspectives, needs and resources together in the development of sustainable educational partnerships.

Please join us on September 17 for Kids’ Comic Con. It will be a fun and educational day.

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