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You can hear the webinar in its entirety here (the Provost’s remarks begin at 30:05)

A webinar on the theme of “Best Practices in Meeting the COVID 19 Challenge” came to order in cyberspace on Thursday, August 20. One of the leaders who spoke was Bronx Community College’s Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Lester Rápalo.

Dr. Rápalo told a coast-to-coast virtual gathering of his first 100 days in office, which began shortly before the onset of the pandemic and included the rapid change to college-wide distance learning.

Sharing a quote from child development pioneer Jean Piaget — “Intelligence is the ability of an organism to adapt” — Dr. Rápalo observed “As we adapt as leaders, we also need to encourage our faculty and staff and others to learn to adapt and adopt some of the new skills that we need to implement in order to move our organizations forward.”

The webinar was part of a series on “Lessons in Leadership” organized by the National Community College Hispanic Council. The NCCHC is the premier organization for Hispanic leadership development in community colleges.

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