Meet Octavio Gomez, the Man Behind BCC’s Capital Projects and Find Out What is in the Works at BCC

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Octavio GomezQ: What is the Campus and Facilities Planning Office responsible for?   

A: At any given time, we are responsible for overseeing 10-15 capital projects happening simultaneously on campus. We provide leadership and planning services related to capital planning, space use, project management, and asset replacement to optimize resources and promote organizational improvement and excellence. 

Our department reviews conditions of all campus facilities and coordinates project scoping with Physical Plant Services, Information Technology, BCC faculty and staff, CUNY’s Office of Facilities Planning, Construction and Management (FPCM), and the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY). We write the initial scopes of work for construction projects, prioritizing projects to maintain safety, ensure code compliance, support the educational mission and preserve capital resources.  

 Q: What projects are you currently excited about?   

A: I am excited about all our projects; past, present and future. We are fortunate to have a great support system from CUNY FPCM; constant collaboration with them and our BCC community together has enabled us to create an impressive portfolio of projects that will allow us to focus on multiple campus issues, including:  

  • Utility Infrastructure Upgrade Phase V; complete electrical infrastructure upgrade throughout the entire campus.   
  • Utility Infrastructure Upgrade Phase VI; the installation of three new boilers, our entire plant is in the process of being renovated  
  • The Bronx Express, a major and very important campus project at the previous Meister Hall library, is a complete 24,000 sq. ft renovation which will house the offices of Admissions, Registrar, Bursar and Financial Aid. This will be a one-stop-shopping for students.  
  • Twelve building Fire Alarm project, installation of new fire alarms systems for PH, LH, BH, CO, Community, GU, BL, LO, AG, GRH, HL and Annex  
  • The new Infant Toddler in The Children’s Center; creating a new infant/toddler room in the CDC which will allow the caring of children from six weeks to two years of age.

As exciting as these projects are, we recognize the varying ages of our buildings and the required attention and effort each deserves. Most importantly, this kind of work requires cooperation from the entire BCC Community, as it can at times cause inconvenience and disruption. Campus Planning is truly grateful for the cooperation of Staff, Faculty, Students, Public Safety and the entire PPS team. 

Q: What was it like here on campus during COVID?   

In order for capital projects to restart, I was required to be on campus every day, which of course was a bit unsettling during a global pandemic. Working remotely was not an option. With so many health restrictions placed on construction projects, we looked for any positive situation/reinforcement to keep projects moving forward, using to our advantage the limited use of the campus. We restructured project schedules to bring several projects to full completion during COVID, such as: 

  • GML Egress project 
  • GML Roof and Oculus 
  • RBSC Facade and roof project 
  • 2020 Paterson Garage and Meister Lab 

Along with these capital projects, our office participated with the re-occupancy planning, when students and staff were able to return to campus. We created existing condition drawings of each classroom and lab on campus, floor plans with mandated separations and building egresses to reduce crossed pathways between entering and exiting.  

 Q: What additional projects are in the works?   

Check out the many facilities projects that have been completed in recent years or are currently underway!

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