New Exhibition at the Bronx Community College Hall of Fame Art Gallery

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Accretion: An exhibition of Faculty Work, 2007-2023

Exhibition Venue and Dates: December 14, 2023 – February 14, 2024

accretions-faculty-show fall23About the exhibition:

The term “accretion” is often applied in the natural sciences of biology, geology, and astronomy, but in its most general sense, the word denotes growth from a gradual, additive process. The artistic accretions of BCC’s own highly accomplished Art and Music Department faculty will be on display in the Hall of Fame Gallery in an exhibition running from December 14, 2023 to February 14, 2024. Multimedia sculptural works and musical compositions completed over several years will be showcased, as will drawings, paintings, mosaics, photographs, and writings inspired by the growth of the natural and constructed environment.


Artists included:

Lisa Amowitz, Dan Ault, Stephanie Beck, Frank Blanchard, Roni Ben-Nun, Patricia Cazorla, Renée Cometa Briggs, Alison Collins, Yeny Ferreras Raposo, Claudia Jacques, Noelle King, Deborah Lewittes, Mary Jo Mazzella Ben-Nun, Gerard McCarthy, Diana Naccarato, Christian Santiago, Gwyneth Scally, Aaron Porter, Florence Tanaka-Kuwashima, Anne Vuagniaux.


For press inquiries, please contact:

Patricia Cazorla, gallery director

About the Hall of Fame Art Gallery:

The Hall of Fame Art Gallery at Bronx Community College is committed to showcasing diverse and innovative works of art while providing a platform for engaging with contemporary social and cultural dialogues. Through exhibitions and events, the gallery aims to inspire and foster creativity in the Bronx community and beyond.

Bliss Hall, room 107 -main floor
Bronx Community College
2155 University Avenue, Bronx, New York 10453
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Thursday – 11 AM to 3 PM

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