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To the College Community:


We are reaching out to remind students, faculty, and staff of the BCC Pass/No Pass policy, which is in effect every semester, including this one. This policy can protect a student’s GPA from the negative effects of a low passing or failing grade in a course.

The BCC Pass/No Pass policy does the following:

  1. It allows for course-level, pass/no pass grading: An earned letter grade of A+ through D- is recorded as a “P” and a failing F grade is recorded as an “NC” (no credit). With a P grade, a student earns credit for the course, but with no effect on GPA. With an NC grade, a student does not earn credit, but there is also no effect on GPA.

However, the BCC Pass/No Pass policy has constraints, including:

  1. It requires that both the student and professor agree to Pass/No Pass grading in a course, and to file this agreement with Registrar by the last day to withdraw from classes (12/11/2023).
  2. It limits the number of times that a student can apply Pass/No Pass grading to a maximum of two (2) courses while attending BCC.
  3. It is not an option for courses in a program (e.g., Nursing) that requires a specific minimum grade in certain courses.
  4. It may not be an option for courses in a program that receives certification or accreditation from external agencies.

To request Pass/No Pass grading in a course, please see the form at this link, follow the directions closely, and file it with by 12/11/2023, which is the last day to withdraw from classes with a grade of W.

If you have questions, please contact us.

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