President’s Message 3/20/20

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To all of you, the students, faculty and staff of Bronx Community College, I say thank you for your patience and perseverance during these trying times for our College and our country.

Today, thanks to technology and distance learning, the 2019-2020 academic year resumes from where it left off a week  ago. The BCC journey of discovery and self-improvement that occurs in our classrooms will now continue in distance learning modes.
The spirit of the BCC community will continue in other ways. Students can get together and support each other online as they do on campus and participate in discussion groups and social media. As always, the Faculty will be there to assist you in making this transition work.
To everyone, I offer this advice:
• Please check your BCC email regularly.
• Please check the BCC website for updates and FAQs
• If you need tech help, ask for it. Our IT and CTLT staff is standing by online, and always ready to answer whatever questions you have.
We are all proud of our beautiful campus. But what makes BCC so impressive isn’t just our buildings. It’s the richness of our diversity, our students, our faculty and our staff, all committed to supporting our community of excellence. Now more than ever, that community continues to exist — and thrive.
Many of you have to meet great challenges every day to attend BCC. I am confident you will meet this challenge as well.
I look forward to standing by the clock tower and welcoming you back when this crisis is over. Till then… my thanks and my best wishes for your health and continued success.

Until then, we will see you online!

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