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To the BCC Community, Friends and Supporters:

Every day at Bronx Community College, we celebrate the richness of American diversity and BCC’s founding principle of the potential and the right of every individual to achieve greatness. We therefore join those of all backgrounds and beliefs across the country in our grief and outrage over the death of George Floyd and demand that justice for him and his family be swift and certain.

We stand in solidarity with those who are raising their voices in protest and calling on those in power to end the scourge of bigotry and prejudice, which is no less virulent and deadly than the current pandemic.

To our students, I have faith that the same inner strength that brought you to the College and that is now sustaining you through these months away from our campus will give you the power to endure and prevail during this national heartbreak. By pursuing an education and preparing for your role in transforming the world as you are transforming yourselves, each of you is fighting for the day when tragedies like the cold-blooded killing of George Floyd are not just unacceptable but unthinkable.

Until we can all meet again face-to-face on the campus that we love, be safe, be strong and know that my best wishes for you and those you love are always in my thoughts.

Thomas A Isekenegbe, Ph.D.

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