Propel NY Energy Event Discusses Family-Sustaining Career Paths

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Propel NY Energy EventBCC hosted the Propel NY Energy event on March 30, a community engagement effort targeted to community colleges and four-year schools that discussed different family-sustaining career paths associated with New York’s growing clean energy sector and related electric transmission investments.

Propel Energy NY is part of The New York Power Authority (NYPA) and New York Transco (NY Transco). The event featured presentations by these organizations along with area labor groups to introduce students to energy career trends and opportunities within the sector. More than 24 BCC students and 17 seniors from a local high school attended.

New York State is undertaking one of the nation’s most ambitious clean energy transformations advancing to a carbon-free energy system by 2040. The transformation calls for increased renewable energy, including wind and solar, delivered by a build-out of more reliable and resilient energy transmission pathways to power homes and businesses across the state.

Paula Wickland, Senior Career Specialist in Career Development at BCC, said at the event, “At BCC, we are preparing our students through programs like this that expand their horizons through the exploration of New York-based opportunities that will pique their interest in exciting and challenging energy-related careers.”

Students that participated indicated in their comments that were collected at the event said that they enjoyed the event and learned a lot.

Propel NY Energy Event Some of their comments included:

“Looking forward to learning more about Green options.”

“Yea I love clean energy. Save the planet!”

“I was able to learn a lot of what the electrical plan for the future is and what will change along with

how I can help the cause.”

“I like how you prepare college students with job tips and internships when graduating. It makes them understand what the work experience will look like once they are ready to apply. I also appreciated the information for certain types of jobs such as pay scales and the requirements you need to have for types of jobs that help their community.”

“Plenty of new and valuable information.”

“Very informative, and it helped me in being more confident in my career path.”

This was an important event for BCC as our students learn more about Green energy.


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