REMEMBERING DR. CAROLYN G. WILLIAMS: Barbara Schaier-Peleg, Director of the National Center for Educational Alliances BCC Global Initiative, Retired

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As I reflect on Dr. Williams’ life, it is difficult not to initially feel sad that her indomitable spirit is silenced. But then I quickly remember the impact she had on the many people she touched — students, faculty and administrators alike — and realize that her support enabled us to believe that what was assumed to be impossible was actually doable, and in this way her spirit lives on in others.

Throughout the many years I worked closely with Dr. Williams, including in South Africa, her commitment to learning from each other and treating others with respect regardless of status or background dominated her approach to building relationships. Her fervent support for the BCC Global Initiative we began on campus was an extension of her belief that students and faculty benefit from learning to work in a multi-cultural world.

In our various initiatives with the South African colleges and universities, she always emphasized that we were there to exchange our experiences and learn from each other, and this approach of mutual respect was always welcome wherever we worked. On campus she facilitated our creation of the BCC Center for Tolerance and Understanding and encouraged staff development opportunities to enable faculty and administrators to better engage students with global perspectives.

May her memory be a blessing.

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