Remembering Dr. Carolyn G. Williams: Remo Cosentino, Graphic Designer and Hall of Fame Tour Guide

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In 2009, 12 years after my forced retirement, I missed working. Luckily for me, there was a position for a designer in the Communications Department of Bronx Community College. I went to the interview and was accepted.

The President of the College at that time was Dr. Carolyn G. Williams and she, above all, always made me feel welcomed despite my age, which was 82. She was always gracious and encouraging and made me feel part of the school by including me in staff events and celebrations. She was gentle spoken and the atmosphere in the President’s Office was calm and respectful. She was very patient, cooperative and appreciative of our team at the many events where we photographed her.

After her retirement, I was tasked to create a timeline brochure of Bronx Community College’s history from its beginning in 1957. It was important for me to verify some major milestones during her 14-year tenure. I had occasion to email and speak by phone with her. As always, she was helpful but intent on making certain the facts were exact. I remember her last visit to the campus and her pleasant and friendly manner. She was very conscious that she be seen as one with students and staff and was always approachable. She was a very lovely person.

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