Student Entrepreneurs with STEM-Based Ideas Exhibit at TechFest 2023

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TechfestStudent entrepreneurs participating in Bronx Community College’s STEM Entrepreneurship Hatchery and Incubator program exhibited at the inaugural TechFest 2023, where they had the chance to present their product ideas and prototypes to potential customers, peers, mentors and college faculty. The event at the Hall of Fame Playhouse in Roscoe Brown Student Center [BC] was the culmination of six months attending student workshops and bootcamps on developing soft skills and presentation training, prototype creation, testing and product development; it was made possible by the 2023 Presidential grant awarded to Dr. Harini Mittal & Dr. Daniel Lazarus from the Department of Business & Information systems.   

Among the product ideas/prototypes presented were an innovative online app for learning calculus through games, an accounting cum marketing solution for small business, and an innovative coffee product. Student entrepreneurs shared the important life lessons they learned during this program, and they also received information on further funding opportunities available. 

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