The Guardians Of BCC

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The COVID-19 pandemic has closed the campus of Bronx Community College. But it remains very much alive, thanks to the essential workers who are maintaining the beloved buildings and grounds until the day the students and faculty return.

Among those watching over BCC are the peace officers of Public Safety and the Department’s Interim Director Saul Fraguada.

“Currently, access control is our primary focus,” says Director Fraguada. “Let’s say you’re a faculty member and you want to come on campus. We have designated times twice a week. You make a request and it goes for approval in order not to overburden the College by keeping attendance at a certain number.

“Also right now we are doing patrol work. Even though the campus is closed, there might be technical or mechanical issues. We work with facilities and Powerplant teams in reporting on campus conditions such as air conditioning, power outage or a water leaks when it rains.”

Even during the shut-down, some of Public Safety’s responsibilities bring them into contact with students.

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