TRIO Scholarship Winners

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The TRIO Pre-collegiate Programs of Bronx Community College prepare middle and high school students for futures in higher education. The following members of TRIOs 2021 graduating class have been awarded these scholarships:

Macaulay Honors

Akilah Campbell Macaulay Honors-Baruch College (BCC TRIO Talent Search)

Nicaury Arnoat – Macaulay Honors -City College (BCC TRIO Upward Bound Math & Science)


Posse Scholars

Jayola Reid (BCC TRIO Upward Bound Math and Science)

Janelle Bigio-Molina (BCC TRIO Talent Search)


Hunter College Yalow Honors Scholarship Program

Hailey Jaquez (BCC TRIO Upward Bound Program)


Bronx Chamber of Commerce – Women on Distinction Scholarship

Stephanie Kusi (BCC TRIO Upward Bound Math and Science)

Abigail Afriyie (BCC TRIO Upward Bound Math and Science)

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