Where do I check for holds?

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Students use the Student Center to view current holds (service indicators) on their record for specific services. They may see how to resolve their holds and which institution or department to contact for additional information. Holds from every institution with CUNYfirst may appear in a student’s Holds section. Any hold at a CUNY institution other than your primary institution will not prevent you from registering at your primary institution, unless it is a Bursar’s hold.

  1. Enter https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu in your browser’s address bar:
  2. Enter your Username and Password and click the Go icon.
  3. From the CUNYfirst Menu, select the Student Center link. 
  4. When you click on the Tasks & Holds link, a list of current service indicators displays. Note: Holds may prevent you from enrolling, so it’s important to deal with this prior to your enrollment appointment.
  5. Click the Details link to see details of the hold and the department to contact for additional information.
  6. In the Hold Item column, click the link of the item where applicable. The “Your Holds” page displays. 
  7. Click the Return button to view other service indicators.
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