Who is the Man Walking the Quad Every Day?
A Few Facts About English Professor Rev. Dr. Timothy Sedore

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Rev. Dr. Timothy SedoreSeveral BCC staff members with offices facing the quad have noticed a man who habitually walks on the quad at the noon hour. The Communications & Marketing Office set out to discover who this man is.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Sedore is a Professor of English at BCC. He came to the college in 1998 and has been teaching Composition and Literature since then. He also is an ordained Baptist minister and a published author. His interest in Virginia Civil War monuments and their place on the American landscape has led to numerous publications and conference papers.  

Despite his busy schedule outside of BCC, teaching is at the center of Rev. Dr. Sedore’s professional life. “I look at each one of my students as a unique character,” Rev. Dr. Sedore says. “They are all important. They merit as much attention as we can give in the time we have with them on this campus.”

Rev. Dr. Sedore completed his undergraduate work at New York University with a double major in economics and English. At NYU he studied Austrian economics under Israel Kirzner and English, including American studies, under Kenneth Silverman. His Master of Arts degree in English, with a focus on American studies, is from Arizona State University. His doctorate, in English education, is from Teachers College of Columbia University.  

“I recommend walking to clear the mind, exercise the body, and engage with the outdoors and the campus community,” Rev. Dr. Sedore says. “Walking four or five laps on the quad is an invigorating way to begin an afternoon of teaching.”

Rev. Dr. Sedore resides outside of NYC on weekends but says returning to the city always offers a reminder of what the city is: an amazing medley of the glorious and the ordinary, the pragmatic, the secular, and the transcendent. He is of the conviction that our city will still be a great city in the years to come because of what we do today. 

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