BCC Student Battles Homelessness and Mental Health Issues to Pursue Dream of Becoming a Social Worker

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Never give up. Ever. That is the message BCC student Jose Gomez wants to send to his fellow students and those he hopes to impact when he becomes a social worker.

student-battles-homelessness“A lot of people have told me that if they were in my situation, they would have given up a long  time ago,” said Jose, who battled homelessness before stumbling upon the Jewish Board for Family & Children services five years ago. But Jose didn’t. In fact, far from it. The Jewish Board helped him find housing, get back on his feet and inspired him to continue his education.

Jose fought through mental health challenges and the difficulties of making it through school and is now in his final semester at BCC, before he will move on to Lehman College to further his studies. He is a part of ASAP (Accelerated Study in Associate Programs) and an active member of both the Cameo Club and the Video Club.

“My experience at BCC has been so positive. The professors here are so kind and helpful. The staff does an incredible job providing as much support as they possibly can to the students. I’ve loved every second here,” Jose said, noting a strong network of support, from his professors and his adviser to the Office of Student Life.

“I’m also a big sports fan, which somehow made me realize that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” he added. “I want to be able to give back. I want to provide a path for young adults and show them that no matter what the struggle or situation is, you can do it. You are not alone.”

Asked how he will feel when he walks across the stage for commencement, Jose said, “I can only imagine. It’s going to be amazing.”’

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