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North HallThe BCC Faculty and Staff welcome all our students back to the campus.

Here is a guide to the facilities:

Places to take classes while on campus include the BMI Lounge-Roscoe Brown, #102, empty classrooms and the library where study rooms are available for two-hour blocks with one person per room. For the library students must make a reservation at

The Roscoe Brown Cafeteria, particularly on the second floor and outdoor spaces with Wi-Fi including Colston, Meister overhang, Roscoe Brown first and second floor patios and the Quad are also available.

For the computer labs, only ME GOI and ME GO2 are available for use, Monday through Friday 9m – 8pm. All other computer facilities are only available for specific classes/programs. Computer facilities at CPH 320 and NI 101 are closed until further notice.

The computer labs schedules are listed here.

The Male Empowerment Network Program Lounge is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10am-5pm.

Here is a quick guide to all the changes:

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