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Kolozi, Peter

Peter KoloziPeter Kolozi is Professor of Political Science in the Social Sciences Department.  He is also the co-coordinator of the Political Science Option. He has worked at BCC since 2004. He earned his PhD in Political Science at the CUNY Graduate Center. He has a number of publications. Among the most recent is an OER American politics textbook entitled The Political Imagination: An Introduction to American Government.  Kolozi’s scholarly interests include American politics, American conservatism, political economy, theories of the state, social movements, American political thought, and labor unions.

PhD, Political Science, CUNY Graduate Center
MA, Political Science, CUNY Graduate Center
B.A., Political Science and History, William Patterson University

Recent Courses Taught:
POL 11 American National Government
POL 31 Comparative Government
POL 41 Civil Rights in America Since 1954
POL 81: Independent Study and Internships in Government

Selected Publications:
Peter Kolozi and Jawied Nawabi, “Afghanistan: The Making and Unmaking of a Modern State.” Journal of Global South Studies (Spring 2022).

Peter Kolozi and James E. Freeman, The Political Imagination: Introduction to American Government.  CUNY Manifold (2021)

Peter Kolozi and James E. Freeman, “Martin Luther King Jr. and America’s Fourth Revolution: The Poor People’s Campaign at Fifty,” American Studies Journal 64 (January 2018).

Peter Kolozi, Conservatives Against Capitalism:  From the Industrial Revolution to Globalization (New York: Columbia University Press, 2017).

Peter Kolozi, “An Alternative Tradition in Conservative Political Economy,” Alex Zamalin and Jonathan Keller, eds. American Political Thought: An Alternative View, Routledge Press, 2017), 143-156.

Peter Kolozi and James E. Freeman, “Remembering Martin Luther King’s Last, Most Radical Book,” New Politics 16.2 (Winter 2017), 77-86.

Peter Kolozi and James E. Freeman, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place:  Public Sector Unions and the Triborough Amendment in the Neoliberal Era,” Thought & Action (August, 2016), 109-120.

Peter Kolozi and James E. Freeman, “Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution: Think National, Act Local,” (April 19, 2016).

Peter Kolozi and James E. Freeman, “Poisoning the Well: Demagoguery vs. Democracy,” Logos: A Journal of Society and Culture (Summer 2016).

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