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Rothenberg, Tamar

A native New Yorker, Tamar Rothenberg joined the BCC History Department in 2005. She got her MA and PhD at Rutgers University, and her BA at Wesleyan University. Her chapter “”And She Told Two Friends’: Lesbians Creating Urban Social Space” appears in the book Mapping Desire: Geographies of Sexualities (Routledge, 1995), and she is the author of Presenting America’s World: Strategies of Innocence in National Geographic Magazine, 1888-1945, (Ashgate, 2007) Dr. Rothenberg is currently examining aspects of American women’s war-relief efforts during World War I. In addition to teaching at Rutgers and at Bucknell University, before coming to BCC, Dr. Rothenberg was an editor of New Youth Connections (now YCTeen), and wrote and edited for Scholastic magazines.


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