Four BCC Students Received Prestigious Kaplan Education Foundation Leadership Grants

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Bronx Community College congratulates four of our students, who have received prestigious Kaplan Education Foundation Leadership Grants.

Established in 2006, the Kaplan Leadership Program helps high-potential, low-income and underrepresented community college students complete their associate’s degree, successfully transfer and go on to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree at the nation’s most highly-selective schools.

The program focuses on a holistic approach – providing extensive tutoring, academic advisement services, leadership and career training, stipends for living expenses, and other resources and support to help them expand their personal goals, and eventually attain leadership roles in their professions and communities.

The BCC students that have received this grant and the four-year institutions they will attend are:

Elhadj Barry

Elhadj Barry – Brown University

Aissata Diop

Aissata Diop – Smith College

Fambougouri Diane

Fambougouri Diane – Tufts University

Gabriel Morillo

Gabriel Morillo – Haverford College








We are proud of our students for this achievement.

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