Lunch with Leaders feat. Vikki L. Pryor

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The “Lunch with Leaders” lecture series brings local elected officials, business executives, activists and other accomplished figures to the Bronx Community College campus, where they talk to students and share the secrets of their success.

On March 7, a very special leader broke bread with the leaders of tomorrow: Vicki Pryor, the first guest of the series who attended BCC. Since then, she has served as director, president, CEO and member of the board of numerous companies and organizations, often the first black woman to hold those positions.

In an address that was part information, part inspiration, Ms. Pryor told the standing room only gathering in the Roscoe Brown Student Center the story of her life, from humble beginnings in the projects of Chicago to the heights of the corporate world — including her stop at Bronx Community College. “When I was sitting where you are sitting, I didn’t know where I was going to head in life. But I knew I wanted to rise above where I was, and I wanted to make a difference and have an impact.”

From time to time during her appearance, Ms. Pryor had the students on their feet, joining her chants of “I can, I will, I must!” Ms. Pryor does not limit her activism to words. BCC students have benefitted from an award she established in memory of her grandmother, the Promise Prize,

Like all “Lunch with Leaders” sessions, this one concluded with questions, networking… and lunch.

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