MLT Program Internship Placement Reaches Record High

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In partnership with the MLT program, Career Service Specialist, Mrs. Paula Wickland was able to place 33 students on internship for the last academic year 2021-2022. This is the largest number of students acquiring internships and Mrs. Wickland was the catalyst to this success. This partnership not only led to an increase in the number of internship affiliates associated with the program, but also an increase in the number of students enrolled in the program and the number of graduates. From 2017 – 2021 the program increased enrolled by 42%.

In addition, the number of graduates who are now working in the clinical laboratory, fighting the pandemic, has also increased along with their salaries. Graduates with only a two-year degree from BCC are now earning about $77,000/year in the clinical laboratory. We have graduates who transferred and graduated from senior colleges with job offers of $101,000/year. This is a jump from pre-pandemic salaries where BCC graduates were earning $50,000 and bachelor’s degree holders were being hired at $70 – $80,000/year.

The success of the MLT program’s ability to increase enrollment and internship/job placements could not be achieved without the support provided by the career services department under the direct leadership of Mr. Alan Fuentes.

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