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Student Covid Stories/1

Like shows on Broadway, live performances by BCC’s Theatre Workshop have been shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. But its students found another outlet for their talents — on video.

“The students wanted to be heard. We wanted to find a way to get their stories out there,” recalls Dr. John Socas, Director of the Workshop.

The result is a powerful short film. Under the guidance of Dr. Socas and Dr. Carmen Myers, The Essential Bronx COVID Stories Part 1 was written, performed and shot by the students themselves in their various isolated locations around the city, then edited into a seamless whole by their classmate Gerson Legend under the guidance of Dr. Socas and Dr. Carmen Myers.

A sequel is already in the works. Dr. Socas promises ”The Essential Bronx COVID Stories Part 2” will be something as hopeful as we are all starting to feel.”


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