Patterson Garage gets an Upgrade

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As part of a competitive $9 million dollar grant from the Governor’s Office, Patterson Garage was able to upgrade its facilities to include new curricula for electric cars.

Students studying Automotive Technology can now take courses in Introduction to Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicle Systems and Electric Vehicle Performance and Diagnosis.

Clement Drummond, Director of Automotive Technology, oversaw the 3-year project that made Patterson Garage a state-of-the-art facility preparing students for well-paying jobs in the automotive industry. The annual starting salary for an automotive technician in New York ranges from $47,000 to $75,000.

He said, “It was worth the journey to see the smiling faces of my students as they toured the newly renovated facility. This is my legacy to expand the minds of students and open them up to new and exciting possibilities as they enter the workforce.”

Patterson Garage is also a Nissan Technician Training Academy and is accredited by Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation.

The BCC Automotive Technology curriculum, the only one of its kind in CUNY, prepares students for careers as an automotive technician.

This curriculum develops an understanding of operational principles, service sequences and diagnostic techniques for automobiles. Upon completion of this curriculum, graduate are prepared for entry-level positions in various areas of the automotive industry dealing with the development, testing, diagnosis and service of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and thermodynamic automotive systems.

Patterson Garage

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